Before I started using Flywheel, I spent a lot of time talking to customer support of my web host who would redirect me to the ’support pages’ of their hosting service to resolve any issue that came up. In addition, I installed several plugins to my WP sites for security, backups and caching. I was concerned transferring my sites to Flywheel would be a lot of time and effort.

All this headache and time is now gone. I love that
– Flywheel’s excellent customer support takes care of anything comes up (and things rarely do)
– I don’t install any of those additional plugins as Flywheel takes care of those
– Flywheel helped transfer most of my sites to their hosting platform
– My websites load 2x faster than my previous host
– I have access to a Flywheel representative that makes me feel taken care of at all times
– The amount of time I spend stressing about my hosting is now replaced by the joy of building blazing fast websites and happy clients.

Thank You Flywheel!